Monday, May 12, 2008

Import/export of your entire realm

The entire realm including it's data and source code can be exported as a DMP file, immediately compatible with Oracle's Data Pump utility and convertible for use in most other databases. Should there be any reason at all to export, you'll find precious realm definition and data generated easily usable. The same mechanism allows exported realm to be imported back into Openspace easily, allowing convenient installation of ready-made realms available in the Foundry. The database can be backed up by IT departments, stored in a desired location or e-mailed.

Zend Framework within Openspace

The entire Zend Framework is available for Openspace developers, updated periodically so that developers can always be assured of the latest available version without the hassle of downloading. The framework can be accessed anywhere within Openspace with a simple include command and covers an extensive list of capabilities from Mail to search to Google integration. For more information, see

Ability to render SIMILE timelines via core functions

The Openspace core GUI class incorporates the capability to render SIMILE (Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments) timelines, providing a convenient and easy way to present time-based events and scenarios in your realm.

Incorporate Javascript and Yahoo! UI utilities and controls

Developers can make their realm richly interactive with the use of the YUI library that is supported in Openspace via its Javascript inclusion capability attached to each static method or by using the readily GUI core class. Create application-style menus for your class, if you really prefer to do so, create drag-and-drop representation of your objects, animations and much more. Check Yahoo! Developer Network for more information on the possibilities.

Streamlined maintenance of components

Openspace components, as software, may be subjected to constant evolution as a result of new innovation, change in trend or simple strengthening or patching. Developers will find updates and upgrades organised and neat, with change information stated in the Foundry and a simple process should they decide to adopt the component update.

Automated remote-site backup

Enterprise Openspace realm information is protected by an automated remote-site backup process so you won't have to bother with the hassle of backing up. This makes Openspace a more convenient place to store information as compared to other traditional mediums such as spreadsheets or documents.

Universal user management

Traditionally, system access is managed with a user database that is local to the system or organisation. With Openspace universal user management, realm administrators can add and manage users of their realm via the administrator console without having the need to maintain user passwords at the realm level. Similarly, realm users can access multiple realms with a single sign-on.